Thursday, June 28, 2012

What Does It Really Matter

What does it really matter if I'm never more to see
The beautiful male bullfinch upon a sunlit tree
When the wildering flowers are blooming in lush green fields far away
And the hawthorn trees are covered in their white blossoms of the May.

What does it really matter when I've lived my final day
If i am buried or cremated or where my remains will lay
I will return to Nature for me 'twill be no more
Since none have come back to tell us of life beyond this Earthly shore.

When i am gone forever of all cares i will be free
And what does it really matter if none remember me
I will have had my innings to me it will not matter then
The birds will sing without me down in the furzy glen.

When life for me is over to me 'twill matter none at all
If I'm one of the forgotten or some my name recall
Leave me with Mother Nature in her bosom to rest
Beside a tree or shady hedge that is my last request.

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