Monday, January 29, 2018

We As The Migrants Of Millstreet

We are the migrants of Millstreet though from there we do live far away In the Town or the countryside near Clara we first looked on the lamp of day From there our dreams lured us to elsewhere we all have our dreams of renown And most of us a strong desire retain to grow old near or in Millstreet Town We as the Migrants of Millstreet visit the Millstreet web site every day The love of the old home parish until death with us will stay Some of those featured on the web site familiar faces and some their ancestors of we knew We thank them for our good memories of Millstreet and our good memories of Millstreet not in the few We as the migrants of Millstreet fond memories of there does retain And in our moments of nostalgia we visit the old Town again Millstreet is in our d n a to say differently it would be a lie The love of first home remains in us and will until the day we do die We as the migrants of Millstreet retain good memories of the days of old When in G A A parks in Duhallow and beyond we cheered on the men in green, white and gold The good old days we do remember in our moments of nostalgic tears Good memories do last a whole lifetime and they never age with the years In our old memories of Millstreet time for us seems to stand still Though the people we knew there are ageing in the Town and places near Clara Hill And some of them no longer living and as migrants from there we do live far away We retain fond memories of our first home though there we did not choose for to stay Millstreet the home of our younger years where our dreams in life were sown It is a place we feel proud of that we could never disown We only do have the memories of the what was to retain And often on our flights of fancy we visit Millstreet again.