Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We Did Not Have A Very Pleasant Day

My hair even than yesterday more gray
We did not have a very pleasant day
And yet 'tis nice to watch the sun go down
Beyond the hill west of the country town.

Though a big truck went into our car from behind
We did not get injured lady luck in that way to us kind
And though our car 'twould seem is beyond repair
To escape injury free from such a smash is rare.

And though on me I won't say there is a curse
I have known better days though i too have known worse
The good and bad days are known to us all
But we somehow rise again after a fall.

And though our second hand car from duty may be retired
One slipshod rhyme at least it has inspired
And as for the driver of the offending truck
To remain injury free he did not even need luck.

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