Friday, June 29, 2012

Show Them

Financially have you ever been on the floor though not yet counted out
And of your worth as a person many are in doubt
But like the champion boxer you will rise from the floor
And go back to battle and fight on some more.

Financially down but down you won't stay
Show them what you're made of is all one can say
Your doubters at you they may sniggle and scoff
But show them that they are wrong for to write you off.

Depressed at the moment you may feel quite low
But rise up and keep fighting and have one more go
Far too many are willing for to keep you down
And some small minded people live in every town.

You are down on your luck doesn't life seem unfair
But show them what you're made of those ratbags out there
To their idea of success your kind don't belong
They see you as weak but you can prove them wrong.

Show them what you're made of the juydgemental kind
When finished with judging you someone else they will find
For to snigger and laugh at and verbally drag through the muck
'Tis a cruel World to live in when you're down on your luck.

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