Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Norfolk Pine Of Port Fairy

'Tis said they grow more than a metre each year
And they do seem to have grown since I was last here
The Norfolk Island pine of Port Fairy they tower over all
Beside them most other trees look rather small.

Though not quite as tall as the mountain ash tree
They seem to grow well in the Towns by the sea
On either side of the streets by Griffith Island tall and evergreen
These beautiful trees in their dozens are seen.

As a feature of the Town in the Coastal Countryside
The norfolk pine of Port Fairy have become known far and wide
They do look quite graceful for want of a better name
And without them Port Fairy would not look the same.

A feature of Port Fairy for visitors to recall
The evergreen norfolk pine trees stand graceful and tall
Nature's beauty at her finest for Nature lovers to see
On either side of the streets that lead down to the sea.

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