Saturday, June 23, 2012

For To Linger Here In Such A Place

For to linger here in such a place perhaps is not that wise
What to many is good music to me seems only noise
A wiser thing is for me to leave a foolish thing for me to stay
When I can enjoy a cappucino in a far quieter cafe,
This place designed to suit the young not one time has left gray
The one young in the sixties has known a better day
Those young back in the sixties are now well past their prime
And rather settled in their ways and losing out to time,
And 'tis true what is said of the youth that youth must have it's fling
And if twenty first century teenagers like loud music they are doing their own thing
For such a youthful noisy place mine is too old a face
The little cafe down the street is much a quieter place
Where I can drink my coffee in an atmosphere I enjoy
Why linger in a noisy place with peace and quiet nearby.

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