Wednesday, June 27, 2012

If I Should Die Tomorrow

If i should die tomorrow say only this of me
He was one who was never known for acts of bravery
But he never did commit crimes against humanity
And now that he's gone forever to Nature let him be.

If i should die tomorrow on me why waste your tears
I did have a good innings and i lived for many years
I laughed and i made merry I've had my ups and downs
And on my many travels I've been in many towns.

If I should die tomorrow just leave me rest in peace
From life's cares and tribulations i will have found release
I will be past joy and sorrow we all must die one day
And if I'm not remembered that too will be okay.

If I should die tomorrow i will be past every care
So many other people than me heavier crosses had to bear
I will have had a good innings and lady luck on me did smile
And as for my life's journey well that was worth my while.

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