Thursday, June 28, 2012

Volcanic Hill Of Mt Rouse

Volcanic hill of Mt Rouse for centuries you've looked down
On that brown and stony country-side long before there was a Penshurst Town
Long before the fair skinned subjects of a distant foreign crown
Waged war on this Land's first people in search of their tainted renown.

Long before the burning lava from your stomach it did flow
And left some of your intestines as rocks on the landscape below
You were there before the Dreamtime when this land's first people had their corroborees
And sung their songs and told their stories in the shadows of your trees.

Europeans first laid eyes on you some two hundred years ago
Though little of your history 'twould seem they wish to know
But the black tribes knew more of you for you they had some other name
They watched as your brown hills burned by your hot stones set to flame.

Volcanic hill of Mt Rouse you may spew hot stones never more
And the anger in your hot breath like a huge furnace may never again roar
But when the last human being has departed never to be seen again
Overlooking the brown countryside you forever will remain.

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