Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Don't Feel Sorry Anzac Day Is Over

I don't feel sorry Anzac Day is over enough of talk of war for one more year
I did not attend the ceremony at the war memorial their tired old speeches i did not wish to hear
I do not wish to belittle their glory but their sameness i find boring just the same
They pass their torch to the young generation who to the war drums march on towards their fame.

Why don't they leave the young to make up their own minds instead of brainwashing them in such a way
To poor refugees who flee for their lives from the war zones more respect we all ought to pay
I am frowned upon as not a decent person as i do not attend the ceremonies on Anzac Day
But than to grow old as a false patriot I'd prefer for to grow old and gray.

The big headline news of the morning was as you guessed it was yesterday's big Anzac Day parade
I can understand of war veterans of why so much of a big fuss of them is made
Such occasions are used by the Politicians as to power they so desperately try to cling
It means more votes for incumbent parliamentarians when the praises of old war veterans they sing.

I feel very happy Anzac Day is over by such occasions i for one don't feel inspired
Too much of anything can become boring and of war and of war heroes I've grown tired
Why should i wish for to leave my bed at daybreak for to go and watch a silly war parade
I'm tired of hearing of war and of war heroes and far too many last posts have been played.

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