Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Girls Of Minor Row

When i was in my better days some four decades ago
Some pretty and quite friendly girls they lived in Minor Row
I never got to talk to them though them i often see
And they remain as they were then young in my memory.

Perhaps some of them left Minor Row for places far away
Whilst others less adventurous in Millstreet Town did stay
Perhaps some married and raised children and others single did remain
I knew them by sight only and i may not see them again.

Often see them on Summer evenings walking either up or down
To and from the Town Park at the West End through the streets of Millstreet Town
Lovely young females in small groups laughing free of any sort of care
With a freshening breeze of Summer blowing and tossing up their hair.

Perhaps they have lost some of their beauty like the wildflowers of the Fall
By sight now i may not know them and me they hardly would recall
Walking in the evening sun-shine or the drizzling Summer rain
Memories of their youthful beauty all of these years i did retain.

Has time stolen some of their beauty does the years on them now show?
Them I'd prefer to remember as the girls of Minor Row
In their prime back in the sixties though time for anyone doesn't wait
Us human beings are only mortal on us there's a use by date.

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