Saturday, June 23, 2012

Well That Seems Okay

You call me a ratbag well that suits me fine
What you think of me is your business my business is mine
Say what you wish of me but of me don't lie
Mud sticks are words by one far wiser than i.

People like you i meet with every day
On every subject they have plenty to say
Yet by their waffle one comes to realize
That empty vessels do make the most noise.

To one's own self one can only be true
Every day from living we learn something new
No two think in the same way in any one town
Though everyone crave their moment of renown.

We look at life in a different way
And to you one thing i only can say
Words can be harmful you should feel aware
That damage done by words is hard to repair.

Say what you like of me but stick to the truth
Words can be hurtful when used without ruth,
You call me a ratbag well that seems okay
As such things are said about me every day.

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