Friday, June 29, 2012

On Lake Hamilton

On Lake Hamilton lengthwise from shore to shore
On a kilometre of water counted two hundred swans or more
In early May in the Fall of the year
Perhaps to moult the reason they are here?

Big dark brown birds to mateship they are true
On Hamilton lake so beautiful to view
Musk and black duck, coot, moorhen and a pelican the lake with them share
On Lake Hamilton water birds are never rare.

A haven for the wild and for the free
Is Lake Hamilton far inland from the sea
Spoonbill, silver gull and ibis too live there in harmony
In Hamilton so many species of water birds one see.

In Hamilton as shades of darkness fall
Out on the lake one hears the black swans call
And in the park the spur winged plovers cry
As the Goddess of night spreads her darkness in the sky.

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