Friday, June 22, 2012

The Land Does Not Belong To The People

You may not agree with my thinking and you may say what I say is wrong
But the Land does not belong to the people the people to the Land belong.
The Land was there long before we came and the Land will be there when we're gone
And if we never were in existence the Land and it's wildlife would live on,
We do not own the land the land feeds us and we too are a part of the Land
And though my point of view you may scoff at and my argument you may not understand
The block of Land and the house on it that you say is in your name in your name it always won't stay
For you will not live on forever you like us all must die one day,
And whether we are buried or cremated and our remains to ashes burn
We will be claimed by the Land that owns us and to Mother Earth we will return,
When we say the land is ours that is not right though with my thinking you don't agree
You argue my Land is my property and my Land it belongs to me
But the fact is that one day you must die and despite all of your worldly gain
The property that was in your name in your name it will not remain.

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