Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Too Many

Too many observe the unwritten commandment man and woman of thine own self take care
And forget the suffering we hear of in the World of the have nots out there
It is not our fault they will tell you that people of the hunger die
And if they were in our shoes they then add they would not care about you or i.

Most of us humans in our small ways selfish we only think of our own need
We try to insure our genes survive by planting in the World our own seed
We may mention our human brothers and sisters but such talk only tongue in cheek
A person with genuine empathy by many is seen to be weak.

Too many indifferent to the sufferings of others and too many see war as okay
But war never seems to affect them from the war zones they live far away
The sufferings some people must go through is even hard to visualize
Suppose ourselves we first have to suffer before with others we can empathize.

The gap between the have and the have nots so sad to say keeps growing wide
And to the poor of the poor suburbs opportunity as ever is denied
Too many saying we are doing nicely and the poor of themselves can take care
And why bother to talk of a fair go when life to some is so unfair.

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