Saturday, June 23, 2012

Concentrate On The Present

Concentrate on the present and on your present cares
The futures is like climbing up a dark stairs
You open a door and who knows what you'll find
The future will come and your past is behind.

The past we look back on and often recall
But the here and now matters to us most of all
And though to look to the future is never a crime
Tomorrow it will come on it's own good time.

You've heard of the story of the wealthy man
To become the world's wealthiest person his great future plan
But now all is dark and so quiet where he lay
On hindsight he ought to have lived for each day.

My only desire is to pen better rhyme
But even for that there may well not be time
The clock on the wall it just keeps ticking on
And the sky it is dark and the daylight has gone.

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