Friday, June 22, 2012

Father Ted Kennedy

The hero of Sydney's Aboriginal people is now with the dead
The Parish Priest of Redfern the great Father Ted
Right till his own end he was on the side
Of the poor fringe dwellers and the marginalized.

Of the present clergy in Redfern it would be fair to say
That from Father Ted's cause they have turned away
Conservative in their thinking they shun the downtrod
And the marginalized children of the lesser God.

And though Father Ted Kennedy from Redfern has forever gone
In his old Parish his spirit will always live on
His Presbytery to the poor was an open door
A friendship like his they will know never more.

For to help the poor he went out of his way
He gave them support and with them he did pray
He treated them as equals and to them was a good friend
But sad to think good times too come to an end.

For the Indigenous people of Redfern things now much the same
Before the great Priest Father Ted to them came
The Presbytery door closed to them nothing good ever last
But life for them must go on they can't live in the past.

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