Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Are They Any Different To I

The humble mouse, bird and the rabbit are they any different to i
In the end we will have the same status as one day we are destined to die
With me they have so much in common as we breathe the very same air
To other creatures we think we're superior though much in common with them we do share.

We are primates we can see colours but about that there is no big deal
Than other creatures we may be more clever our sense of superiority to our egos appeal
But mammals and birds they too have five senses and a sense of loss they too can feel
And they like us have their own problems and their problems to them are real.

Have you read the short poem by James Stephens the touching poem known as 'The Snare'
He heard the cries of the snared rabbit and was searching for it everywhere
The poet was one who had empathy and to animals was caring and kind
But some people they can be so cruel and in torturing animals appeasement they find.

Yet animals to us they are equal despite what we think or we say
Like them we do not live forever we are destined for to die one day
The reaper makes all of us equal though most with that would not agree
And the horse and the cow in the paddock i feel are no different to me.

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