Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Don't Ask Me

Don't ask me why birds sing and whistle since I am not one who does know
You may as well ask me why some trees on certain soils never will grow
I've always had great love for Nature still Nature's a mystery to me
I cannot even understand why most species of parrots like to nest in a hole in a tree.

There are small river birds known as dippers darkish brown with a snowy white breast
Under the bank of a stream or a river they always like to build their nest
They are birds that can walk underwater in their hunt for their tiny water dwelling prey
And they sing in the babbling waters flowing through places from here far away.

A mystery to me in my childhood and as a mystery to me they remain
On wet days often heard them singing in the stream that was swollen by rain
Just one of the wonders of Nature and Nature's wonders and mysteries not rare
But Nature from us keeps her secrets and with us them never will share.

Don't ask me how migratory wading birds from the northlands can find their way to the far south
'Tis something that scientists for decades have argued and argued about
And they return to their breeding grounds at the very same time every Spring
Just one of the mysteries of Nature and her praises i always will sing.

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