Monday, June 25, 2012

Give Me Recognition Whilst I'm Living

I know that I was born in a far Country but I'm not to know or where my life's journey will end
And on our life's journey there's many a crossroad and on our life's journey there's many a bend
In life we all have different expectations and dreams for everyone do not come true
And some in their old age become disillusioned without the recognition they feel to them that is due,
'Twill matter none to me if i am or am not remembered for anonymity post life to one the same as fame
We will be then past any sort of feeling and for each of us it will be all the same
Give me the recognition whilst I'm living or leave me to rest at peace forever more,
Of an afterlife i question the existence i doubt there's life beyond this Earthly shore
Great human beings have died quite disappointed they felt their life's journey was not worthwhile
Though they were wealthy and knew fame and recognition and lady luck on them did seem to smile,
Perhaps they thought in the end what does it matter though they were seen to have achieved something great
That was the way it was with Michaelangelo the artist the whole World did celebrate,
He was a great who died quite disappointed though not the only great to die that way
But give me wealth and recognition whilst I'm living and when I'm dead in peace then let me lay.

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