Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I've Known People

I've known people in their life's twilight with hair dyes they cover their gray
So full of pride yet pride's not a bad thing to feel proud of how you look seems okay
Some declare their small wars on ageing whilst others age in a natural way
But wisdom can belong to all ages no fool like an old fool they say.

I know blokes well into their seventies with their words they can be so cruel
They reflect in a negative way on those they see as different as if they were born to rule
Yet some near the end of their life's journey from life have learned little at all
Though the babes in their cots they start learning long before they learn how to crawl.

Some males as they age grow more bitter and feel unhappy with their lot in life
Go home from the pub with a few in and have a verbal with their wife
They even grow more xenophobic and those different barely tolerate
As they age they grow more unhappy but suppose in life we receive what we create.

I've known people in their life's twilight unassuming and worldly and wise
They have their few drinks at the local without adding to the pub noise
They never argue with their women and for everyone believe in a fair go
One might say for the young role models  people who are nice to know.

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