Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How Can One Define

How can one define what a royal is when all babies are born the same
'Tis human society makes it this way that some have a birth-right to fame
And all are supposed to be equal in the eyes of God some do say
But their God must be an unfair one to allow things to happen this way.

Many people need royals to look up to and on others they then can look down
And class distinction it is rife as always in every village and city and town
The gap between the haves and the have nots keep growing don't tell me that life it is fair
When millions are homeless and hungry in the bigger World out there.

If with the hunger you are starving and with just one crust of bread on your plate
The monarch's or the president's birthday I am sure you will not celebrate
Your worry is one of survival a victim of mere circumstance
Your circumstances of birth it defined your future and of succes you did not have a chance.

How can one define what a royal is they look like ordinary humans to me
They were born into a lavish lifestyle in a World of so much poverty
About them there is nothing special they are human beings nothing more
And their babies like all other babies before walking must crawl on the floor.

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