Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kana From Japan

Her native language is quite different she hails from another Land
But in a few years she has learned English she's not hard to understand
Her partner Paul Ladds is an Aussie a former Belgrave man
The lucky one to win the heart of young Kana from Japan.

You meet her once the mental image of her with you remain
And what's a great loss to Japan is surely Australia's gain
Her humor is infectious she has a lovely smile
The lovely down to earth Kana free of conceit or guile.

So witty and so funny she laughs so easily
And so much to like about her she does seem so carefree
With a beautiful accent dark brown eyes and dark hair
The Kana's of this World to say the least seem rare.

In her moments of nostalgia she miss her friends and family
In the Country she was raised in many miles north by land and sea
But she mostly feels quite happy and in her own charming way
She bonds with other people and she makes new friends every day.

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