Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The bullfinches I remember from my younger years so nice to look at favourite birds of mine
The male much brighter coloured than the female so lovely looking lit by the sun-shine
With dark head, blue back and beautiful pink breast of Europe's finches the fairest of all
For beauty only rivalled by the goldfinches though differences in their habits i recall,
The bullfinches are not liked by orchardists they eat the fruit tree blossoms in the Spring
They build their cup shaped nests in hedgerows and on small trees and a low volume song the male bird sing,
Distinct from their neighbours in hedge and woodland you hear them once you know their song again
Each species distinct in their songs or chirpings once heard the memory of the voice remain,
The chaffinches and goldfinches and greenfinches in Winter months in medium sized flocks congregate
But bullfinches seldom flock even out of their breeding season the male bird likes to stay close to his mate
Indeed they seem devoted to each other in bird life that is something that is rare
The male and female bullfinch i remember i see together almost everywhere
At woodland edge, in grove and on the hedgerows i often see them when i was a boy
One of my favourite birds for their great beauty and looking at them i used to enjoy.

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