Sunday, June 24, 2012

They Are Only Hypocritical Bullies

Those who condemn others for the building of Nuclear Energy Stations
Should practice themselves what they preach
What is right for them is not right for some others
Yet they themselves are like teachers without their degrees to teach.

They are only hypocritical bullies
They say you do as we tell you to do
What we do is our business only
And what goes for us does not go for you.

They are speaking the truth yet in their own terms
As their truth to themselves does not apply
Nuclear energy is for their business only
And it's use to those they do not like they try to deny

Nuclear Energy is for themselves and their trusted friends only
And with it's use by some they strongly disagree
In their sense of truth you will find there is truth
Though they preach it with hypocrisy.

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