Wednesday, June 20, 2012

They Mislead The Gullible

They mislead the gullible that should be a crime
And more honest than them are in jail serving time
And they could not live honest if they even did try
And why many glorify them I do wonder why?

One could not believe anything that they say
Yet they make the news headlines almost every day
They see nothing wrong in the telling of lies
And we call them the 'honorable' these crooks in disguise.

That we make heroes of rogues seems confusing to me
And through their lies and deceitfulness we cannot see
The lies they told yesterday today they deny
And to them it comes so very easy to lie.

Though to their higher selves they can never be true
That they can fool most of the people all of the time to their credit is due
They can lie to some one whilst looking them in the eyes
And as fast as a horse can trot they can tell lies.

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