Sunday, June 24, 2012

For Everyone Of Us

For some people there will not be tomorrow we are mere grains in the great sands of time
For the doctor there will be one last patient and for the man of rhyme one final rhyme
We are no different to all other creatures their fate it is no different to ours
It makes no difference to the deceased people when their loved ones decorate their graves with flowers.

For everyone of us there is a last day and no proof of life beyond this Earthly shore
Few humans ever do live for a century and death 'twould seem it is forever more
Yet we create so called important people mere mortals just as much as you or i
Our life span in hours and days is easily measured and like other creatures we are born to die.

For some people there won't be a tomorrow like for every bird there is a final Spring
And a final nest to build in wood or hedgerow and a final brood to raise and song to sing
Their song they pass to the next generation and without them in the woodland life goes on
And like the bird there is one to replace us when the life from us forever it has gone.

For everyone of us there is a last day the seconds of our lives they tick away
The babies one day nearer to their last day the babies who were born yesterday
Than other creatures are we any different we live for awhile and are dead forever more
And anyone has not come back to tell us of an afterlife beyond this earthly shore.

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