Friday, June 22, 2012

If I Should Die tomorrow

If I should die tomorrow at my farewell don't pray
Or good things or bad things of me do not say
I've had a good life and I've lived my good years
And for others save your sorrow your grief and your tears.

Just leave me to Nature for to rest in peace
From life's cares or worries I'll have had my release
I had my good innings we all have to die
The reaper one day he will claim you and I.

If I should die tomorrow I will be past life's cares
And I don't need your tears or I don't need your prayers
Save your tears and your prayers for the living instead
As they could not be of any use to the dead.

If I should die tomorrow just get on with your life
You have your own worries and your inner strife
And why even bother to visit where I lay
Just leave me to Nature I will be okay.

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