Friday, June 22, 2012

For Every

For every bird in the wood there is a final Spring
And a last nest to build and a last song to sing
And in the same wood in the Spring of next year
The very same songs from their offsprings we'll hear.

The rabbit she does not have a long life span
She lives in fear of predators and in fear of man
But despite diseases her species will live on
And her young will be breeding when the life from her has gone.

At the top of the food chain human beings multiply
Our success as a species not many would deny
Humans have walked on the Moon and been in Outer Space
No challenge seems too daunting for the human race.

Some live to be old though in time brief the life stay
And we all have to die for others to make way
And the years roll on by and time ticks on fast
And each day we live is one day nearer to our last.

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