Friday, June 22, 2012


Addicted to doggerel and addicted to rhyme
So many see that as a great waste of time
They are not interested in the birds and the bees
Or the colours of the blossoms that bloom on the fruit bearing trees.

When you tell them for what you write you do not get paid
They see you as one who has not made the grade
In big brother's eyes you are one of high rank
If you own a big share of a big City bank.

They tell you why bother your rhymes you don't sell
Literary minded people read poetry and not doggerel
Perhaps for your addiction you should see a shrink
Who may put you straight on the way that you think.

Addicted to doggerel in that I'm not alone
You who are without sin go and cast the first stone
We all have our addictions and would you not agree
That in things some think common beauty some can see.

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