Friday, June 29, 2012

The Rain Has Fallen Steadily

The rain has fallen steadily through the morning to swell the creek and fill the roadside drain
And on the blackwood tree the white backed magpie is singing his kind always sings in wind and rain
This dry countryside needs rain as much as we need to drink water but the difference between Mother Earth and you and i
Is that after rain the earth again starts living but we are dead forever when we die,
How nice to hear the rain on the galvanize roof it does make for a pleasant sort of sound
Bringing back the greenery to the dry brown country and giving new life to the drought stricken ground
In this dry Country the rain is always welcome in a short time from now the landscape will look more green
After the rains the earth again is living and Nature at her finest she is seen,
The rain brings out the very best in Nature it generates life in every grass seed
That in dry weather on the earth lay dormant to feel inspired to grow rain is it's only need
The gurglings of rain water in the gutterings that flows into the stormwater drains of the town
In a few weeks the old hill will look greener right up till now it did look rather brown
The white backed magpie in the rain is singing on a swaying branch of the windblown blackwood tree
And after months of drought in the dry stony country the rain is such a pleasant thing to see.

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