Thursday, June 28, 2012

No Matter How Good you Are

No matter how good you are some bound to find fault with you though you may please many you will not please everyone
Since the facts are that none of us are perfect and we are mere mortals when all is said and done
In a perfect World people would not be homeless and people of the hunger would not die
And as for me I've yet to meet a person who could truly say that they never once did lie.

Most people from their past they hide some secret and carry with them needless guilt and shame
In the eyes of the law their's may not be a crime but they feel very guilty just the same
Some from their children hide a family secret that becomes a heavy burden on their mind
To tell their children for them may seem so hard but in so doing great relief they would find.

No matter how good you are someone will fault you 'tis a known fact that you cannot please them all
And there's always one who only is too willing some negative thing about you to recall
I've yet to meet a person who is perfect but if to your higher self you can live true
Though you may not be admired by everybody at least a lot of credit you are due.

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