Friday, June 15, 2012

The Strong Men Of Cloghoula

The strong men of Cloghoula of them you ought to know
Bill Twomey, Neilus Sweeney the Buckleys Noel, Dan and Joe
In their prime known and famous many miles from Millstreet
At tug of war and athletics and football they were the men to beat.

The strong men of Cloghoula they were as good as gold
But time takes cares of everyone and they too did grow old
Yet better than them it would seem would be quite hard to find
Quite generous of spirit and they were good and kind.

The strong men of Cloghoula quite muscular and tall
Their fame will stand the test of time the greatest test of all
So many great stories of them they inspired the poets to rhyme
They never shirked a challenge when they were in their prime.

Of the strong men of Cloghoula good memories remain
Their likes around their Parish may not be seen again
Such great and noble characters and physically strong
To Cloghoula's and Kilmeedy's golden era they surely do belong.

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